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chapstick:  the addiction

after my post yesterday about my hobo bag and the insane amount of useless things i contain inside, i recieved several comments that really bloomed into an interesting discovery.  chapstick.

as i read the comments i noticed that almost everyone seemed to have thier 'room' for chapstick!  may it be from those like me who suffer from the handbag that seemed to accumulate and magnify intrinsically~ or those who assert that they do not require so much as a small purse since they make due with the pocket of thier jeans or thier hubby/boyfriend's pockets... chapstick... everyone has chapstick!

quick little google research rendered a slew of websites and messageboards dedicated to:  The Addiction of Chapstick.  and i thought to myself... i am not alone!  i'm not the only person whom rain or shine, hot or cold, sweaty or dehydrated~ wether my lips are plump and moist or dry and peeling--applies my faithful cherry flavored lip balm to my beseeching embouchement.


is it the flavor?  the cherry, the mint, the mint-cherries of the world!  on our lips!
is it the smell?  the fruity, the sweet, the tart-and-tangy that's oh so yummy! 
is it the convivial glow it provides to our kisser?  making our pucker so desireable, its futile to resist?!

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