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you ever just have one of those days that are just fucked from the moment you wake up?

i start off my day waking up already 15 minutes after i should have already been at work.

on my way to work i get into a disagreement with my boyfriend over crap.

i walk into my office thinking the day must get better...

but it doesnt.  it never does... does it

of course not.

i get bombarded with bullshit from "the man" about why i am always late to work.

i remember that i haven't been late in over two months.

unless you count that time last week when i was stuck on the BQE for two hours.

suddenly it all becomes clear.

once again its not my doing for "the man" being upset.

his male offspring hath gotten himself a warrant for arrest last week.

but of course its my fault he didn't go to court and went to boston instead.

is it ever not my fault?

of course not.

now all i need is rain.

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