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Held in the eye of the Beholder

Slowly and cautiously opened my eye lids, they were
soft and squishy, I could tell I had been visited that
night. Visited by the sandman that is. I could tell by
the dry crusty crumbs in my eyes that this was not
going to make out to be a good day. The blankets were
tied around me in such a way where I felt cocoon from
everything. Being constricted like that I could tell I
had a bad sleep. The feeling rushed through my body
that caused me to wake. That feeling when you know
something is suddenly different in your world. Its not
by choice, its not by fault. His name was Kevin, he
was that change, it was him on the phone. I knew it
was. That solid colored white piece of plastic
suddenly holding the answer to his question. He
wanted me. He wanted me and my endearing love and I
was in no mood to let it go.
Days passed, nights tagged along, leaving me in
shock, what was I to do, a 16-year-old high school
girl. Not knowing who she was, what she wanted, so
carefree and free spirited, I didn’t know what love
was. I didn’t know if I wanted it or, not. The only
love I knew was to a father, having lost a mother.
Even that wasn’t even close to what I was about to
drag my innocent self into.
Everyday in chemistry class my eyes would meet his, so
sweet and tender loving. I was happy to have that in
my life. Happy for me, happy for him, we were happy
together for having each other. The intestity of our
situation, two teenagers passionately feeling that
they have found love amongst each other.
Nikki was there, my best friend since forever. She
knew I needed substance in my life, she thought this
would be good for me. So I gave in almost immediately.
I let my life go, for the next 6 months; I let it go
into that stupid phone. Not knowing later I would hate
that phone. I would hate myself, for hating that

so we had to write this essay for english on friday.. and this is what i came up with.. it really skips around and isnt well planned out.. but it holds the potential to be amazing.
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