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New member!

Hey! I'm Amanda and I'm from the UK. I like being random so I decided to join this community.

Anyway, here is my randomness for tonight! I'm going to a karaoke tomorrow and I can't decide what to sing, so if anyone reading this wants to decide for me, then In this entry, I'm going to post a list of songs that I can sing on the karaoke, and then anyone reading this can comment if they want and decide out of
that list which songs I should sing. I will number the songs starting from 1 and basically going up until I've finished, so if anyone wants to comment
whith what they think I should sing, then they can just write the number corrosponding to the songs they've chosen, rather than having to write out the
title and the singer/group. It'd be cool if people made 2 choices each, since that's how many songs I generally get to sing on my own, but don't make 2
choices from the same singer or group. I'm also going to miss out the songs I've sang in the last couple of weeks, since because I've just sang them, I
want to do different ones.

Anyway, here is the list:
1. Sophie Ellis bexter-murder on the dance floor
2. m people-moving on up
3. Christina Aguilera-genie in a bottle
4. Shania Twain-you're still the one
5. Shania Twain-man, I feel like a woman
6. The backstreet boys-as long as you love me
7. s club 7-natural
8. Gabrielle-when a woman
9. Madonna-beautiful stranger
10. Madonna-open your heart
11. Tasmin Archer-sleeping satellite
12. Corona-rhythm of the night
13. Leann Rimes-can't fight the moonlight
14. Abba-knowing me knowing you
15. Abba-mamma mia
16. Abba-fernando
17. Abba-gimme gimme gimme
18. Christina Millian-am to pm
19. the honeys-end of the line
20. b*witched-Jessie hold on
21. B*witched-blame it on the weather man
22. b*witched-c'est la vie
23. Britney Spears-baby one more time
24. Britney Spears-oops, I did it again
25. atomic kitten-the tide is high
26. Kylie Minogue-on a night like this
27. TLC-no scrubs
28. all saints-never ever
29. all saints-I know where its at
30. Meredith Brookes-bitch
31. Alannis Morrisette-ironic
32. take that and lulu-relight my fire
33. the carpenters-close to you
34. Venessa Williams-save the best for last
35. The pretenders-I'll stand by you
36. Samantha Mumba-gotta tell you
37. Jamilia-superstar
38. ace of base-all that she wants
39. Javine-real things
40. blue-one love
41. liberty x-just a little
42. 6 pense none the richer-kiss me
43. Emma Bunton-I'll be there
44. Billie Piper-something deep inside

Have a nice day or night everyone!
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